Pre-form Bottle, Plastic Bottle Materials, Preform Water Bottle

Pet Preform is use to produce plastic bottle through blow mold way. It can use ordinary plastic cap seal.
1. 100% new material
2. High toughness
3. High transparency
4. Safe

In final use factory, use blow molding machine heating and blowing the preform into plastic bottle. Bottle water company use preform blowing itself plastic bottle is better than buy plastic bottle from other company. Because:
1. If freight empty plastic bottle take a lot room that lead freight cost expensive.
2. If freight empty plastic bottle will easy extrusion cause damage.
3. Pet preform is easy to store and carry.
4. Plastic bottle long time freight will lead pollution. In factory finished plastic bottle and directly use to filler, reduce pollution.
5. Unique ideal the shape of the plastic bottle.


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